The Father Of Serpents - The Walls Of No Salvation (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


The Father Of Serpents - The Walls Of No Salvation (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ... The Father Of Serpents is the collaboration between the artists from such renowned acts like The Hell (ex Awaiting Fear), Tamerlan and Rain Delay, with the purpose of extending the doom metal sound on the territory of Serbia.

music by Igor Loncar
vocals and lyrics by Timur Iskandarov
drums by Marko Mrcarica


In my four walls,
I feel something I never felt in outside world.
In my four walls,
I learned...............what freedom is!

Away from your world, I felt again.
The myth called Life, it was reality.
I cannot speak in tongues you speak,
Nor you can see the things I see.
So, off with you and your false care,
There are no doors upon my walls.

I am not the cell
In this rotten body you call world.
All your laws, all your thoughts,
False compassions (mask for leash).
Just walk away!
These walls have no salvation.
Within them is my world,
My freedom, my way out!

Filmed, edited and directed by: Strahinja Lukic

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Looks cool, sounds even better!
4 years ago
decent amount of gore-ish atmosphere. Btw i never would perceive that I could look back on doom after 10 years of apstinency hahaha. Solid video productio n as well
5 years ago